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Wishing Lyndsey (our AMAZING student assistant) a Happy Birthday!! http://ow.ly/i/31eBt

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I just read two articles that got me thinking about my future. I plan on going into the ministry and I read an article on how it is becoming more and more difficult to move higher up in this field. I also read another article that talked about workers in America trying to wait until they are older to retire due to the economy. For some people, working a few extra years is not a problem. Others, however, are unable to keep their job past retirement age due to younger competitors.

The ministry job market is an interesting one. There are an abundance of people seeking jobs and also an abundance of jobs available. The problem is that the smaller churches are typically the places with job openings and the people searching for jobs typically want a job in a larger church.

Smaller churches cannot provide a “living wage.” Pastors who work in these churches have to keep another job in order to support their family. That is why most people would rather find job in a larger church.

My family is going through this exact problem at the moment. My Dad has just had to take a job at a small church. Because that church cannot support our family, he has also taken up substitute teaching. He is also starting a third job in January. My mother has to work to help pay other bills.

This is the reality of the ministry. Once you begin to get older in age, many churches do not want you in certain positions anymore in order to “go in a certain direction” and “stay current.” While in some cases this may be wise, the people of older generations can be of great value as far as wisdom goes.

These things begin to worry me when I think about my future. I know that I am called into this ministry, so I need to trust that God will provide a good job.

Lyndsey Morrell is a sophomore at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She works as a student assistant in the Office of Career Development.

Success Story: Heisy Padilla

The Office of Career Development caught up with PBA Student Heisy Padilla. After learning about Career Development, from a professor, Heisy received resume help and landed and an internship at Univsion, the most-watched Spanish-language broadcast television network.

Need help with your resume or finding an internship? Visit the Office of Career Development in the Lassiter Student Center.

Career Development Interview: Samantha Loutzenhiser

The Office of Career Development asked PBA Student Samantha Loutzenhiser –

How her workship opportunity led to an internship?

Want help finding an internship? Visit the Office of Career Development in the Lassiter Student Center.

Career Cross Paths – Cheyanne Lent

For our second “Career Cross Paths”, we profiled May 2010 graduate Cheyanne Lent. Cheyanne earned a degree in communication with a minor in film production. She shares about her path as a student, how she is following her dreams despite her fears, and her advice for current students.

Cheyanne sent us her video clips from her current home in Southern California, and then we had the task of editing 20 minutes of content into a 6 minute video. During the time it took us to put her video together, Cheyanne experienced an exciting development in her journey.

Here it is in her words –

Jeremiah 29:11 – One of my favorite verses. God promises to prosper us, to give us a hope & a future.

Since recording my videos for you, I’ve been blessed enough to have a huge answer to prayer: I’m an officially signed actor now! I was offered representation at the All American Rascals Talent Agency here in LA.

What’s even more amazing, is the founder & the agents are all Christians. God is SO good, His timing is perfect & I can’t wait to see the doors He will open in my future. ALWAYS trust Him!

Thanks Cheyanne!

Job Interviewing Basics

Within a couple days of submitting your resume, you will hopefully get a call back about an interview. The company you have applied for will want to conduct an in-person interview to get a better feel for the person behind the resume. This is your opportunity to demonstrate to them why you are the perfect fit for the desired job position. Throughout the interview process there are countless do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

You always want to do your research! Make sure you know every detail about the job position, as well as the company you could possibly be working for. Do prepare for the interview by practicing it. Practice answering potential questions the interviewer may ask you.

Do practice how to get to the destination. It is extremely beneficial to take a test run to the location of your interview. This prevents any chance of you getting lost or confused on your way to the actual interview. You want to be 100 percent sure you know exactly where you are going or you may end up late!

Don’t arrive late! Arriving late to your job interview is one of the worst mistakes anyone can make. Do make it your mission to arrive early; at least 10 minutes early. If you are late for the interview, it could come off as irresponsible.

Do dress the part. Dress as if you were already employed at the company. Don’t overdo it. If it is a casual business, don’t wear a suit to your interview. Make sure you are aware of the type of work environment you are walking into.

Do remember to be courteous and nice. Companies don’t want rude employees, so be sure to greet everyone and shake hands firmly.

Do remember to bring extra resumes to your interview. It is wise to have your resume on hand during an interview. Don’t think that you can rely only on your resume or application to get you the job. During the interview you have to sell yourself as best you can. Be sure to explain different aspects of your resume to benefit you for the job position.

Don’t lie! Be sure to answer questions honestly; don’t try to stretch the truth, just tell the truth. Don’t use slang or poor language. This only makes you look unqualified. Don’t answer question with just “yes” or “no,” be sure to give a little explanation if you can.

Overall, don’t be shy. Go into your interview with confidence. You want this job, so show them why you deserve it. Just make sure you don’t appear desperate for employment.

The interview process can be the most nerve-wracking point of the whole job search procedure. These do’s and don’ts are sure to prepare you for your interview in every way. The right preparation is the key to acing your job interview.

Saudia Ali just completed her first year as a Broadcast Journalism major at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She works as a student assistant in the Office of Career Development. Saudia had many articles published in the student newspaper, The Beacon, but is just entering the world of blogging.


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